Saturday January 31, 2015

Editorial on vigils for animals misses the point

Your opinion that humans are more important than animals and therefore only humans have the right to a vigil after a tragedy is ignorant and small minded, not to mention you miss the point entirely.

First off, do not presume to tell people who love animals, dogs in particular that they do not have a right to grieve any way they choose. It is not a contest between what happened in Colorado and the dumpster in Vancouver.

I can assure you both stories were horrific, but for me personally, the one that made me cry was Captain. A dog is completely at the mercy of their owner and they have no choice who they live with or under what conditions. They are innocent, sweet, loving and trusting.

Anyone who has lost their pet dog (or cat for that matter) knows the intense pain that seems to go on and on for a very long time. No one loves you like your dog! In my lifetime one thing seems to be sure, children/adults who love dogs seem to have compassion and empathy for both humans and animals.

It is also common knowledge that people who abuse animals lack empathy and kindness and usually move on to humans. To dog owners they are more than animals, they are family. I lost my dog three years ago and it still hurts.

To see that people would be outraged the same way and feel a need to express this makes sense to me. For a small child to see this may be a good way of teaching them to be kind to animals and have empathy for people. Something our world seems to be short of right now.

Personally, I will send a donation to the SPCA, but if I feel the need to attend a vigil that is my human right and frankly your opinion downplays the fact that there are too many animal cruelty stories in the news.

I can only assume that is why people are holding vigils, they are fed up they want to express their anger and outrage. In this case it is a human reaction to an egregious act that was committed by another human being.

On a final note my best friend who lives in Vancouver lost her two beautiful dogs at the hand of a sick/cruel neighbour last week. I assure you both her family and neighbourhood is outraged and devastated.

Make no mistak,e there was a death in her family and the pain will last a lifetime for her family. In this case, your opinion is way off point. We are dealing with human feelings, the very thing that makes us human allowing us our entitlement to grieve for who or what any way we want.

Finally, it is the very actions of these vigils that help change laws in our society both legal and moral for the betterment of humans and animals.



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