Monday January 26, 2015

Stone running for the wrong party

Re: “He's what the new Kamloops is all about” (The Daily News: July 11, 2012).

Newcomer Todd Stone has an impressive résumé so I can understand why disheartened B.C. Liberal MPs are happy to see him come on board as they desert the ship. The problem is that he is not a good fit for the discredited Liberal B.C. party.

Concerning the proposed Ajax mine, Mr. Stone would like to “... get the facts... report back and make an informed decision...” This is an admirable plan, but I can foresee it being easily sidetracked by a party that has a history of not communicating with the voters of B.C.

Instead, our present provincial government makes decisions in the interests of corporations in the hope that any jobs created will result in “the trickle down effect” giving workers a piece of the pie.

Unfortunately, this plan has not worked in North America for a very long time; rather, we see a growing gap between the rich and the people making them so. Mr. Stone should understand that the B.C. Liberals are 100 per cent behind any endeavor that will increase the tax base after having cut corporate takes by an additional two per cent to only 10 per cent this past year. They just have to find a way to sell it to the citizens of B.C., or, failing to do that, must appear as environmentally responsible as possible – even at the last minute when all of the evidence is in and the decision becomes a no-brainer.

Mr. Stone is mistaken, however, if he buys into the belief of the Liberals and the B.C. Conservatives that members of the New Democratic Party are anti-industry. This is not the case. The NDP are pro-industry, but are not as quick to damage the environment to make a buck as the so-called “free enterprise” parties.

On the contrary, the NDP are as much pro-people as they are pro-industry. The work “democratic” means “of the people,” and I believe, unlike Mr. Stone, that the people are ready for a change after 12 years of lies and abuse.

Mr. Stone is a good candidate, but, unfortunately, be will not be running for the right party.



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